Yippee Skippy Puppet Theater


Welcome to the website of Yippee Skippy Puppet Theater, where you will find the best of the videos from our ongoing, free puppet shows, posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Yippee Skippy Puppet Theater is a project created by Rebecca Migdal, a performance artist, comics artist, author and puppeteer based in New York City. The purpose of the project is to explore the ways in which puppetry can be employed to entertain, educate, activate and transform audiences of children and adults.

Since 1986, Rebecca has created a multitude of puppetry performances using elements of improvisation, comics, found and created puppets and props, live music and animation, in a variety of combinations. Her work in this medium has been presented at private events, galleries, bookstores, conventions, and community centers.

Most recently Rebecca has worked with musician and children’s theater actor, Andy Laties, to present improvisational Fractured Fables and children’s classics every Saturday and Sunday at Bank Street Bookstore in New York City.

*Introducing guest puppeteer Chelsea Camp appearing in Fractured Fables at Bank Street Bookstore!

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