The Little Mermaid with a Special “Baby Song” Intro

Monkey and Frog introduce today’s Fractured Fables with a darling ode to tiny tykes.

A young mermaid falls deeply in love with a prince and asks a sea witch to give her legs so she may be on land with her love. The witch promises to grant her wish, for a price: the mermaid’s magnificent voice. The Little Mermaid tells her friends the exciting news, but when they voice their concerns about her plans, she swims away in a huff. The Little Mermaid gets her wish, but things don’t work out as she hoped. Will her underwater buddies help in her time of need?

Performed 5-18-14 at Bank Street Bookstore. Puppeteer: Rebecca Migdal. Accompanist: Andy Laties. Camera by Nere Kapiteni.

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