Single Lens Reflex, 2013

cover of Single Lens Reflex by Sandy Jimenez

This cover page is an ode to French photographer Atget.

Welcome. These are pages from the 2013 story “Single Lens Reflex,” a 16-page comic book episode of Shit House Poet appearing in issue #44 of World War 3 Illustrated. Read the full story and dialogue in the new issue, you can get it online or in stores.

art by Sandy Jimenez from the 2013 story Single Lens Reflex.

Page 9 features first contact between art students and the children in the story .

Page 13 by artist Sandy Jimenez from the 2013 story Single Lens Reflex.

"The kids go home" from the 2013 story Single Lens Reflex.

Defend Stanley Cohen!

Stanley Cohen, a radical lawyer who defended many of us in the past, needs our support now. Here is what Stanley says about his situation;

My indictment yesterday in the Northern District of New York for impeding the administration of the federal tax code strikes me as a ringing endorsement of my thirty years as a political activist and criminal defense attorney. Good lawyering is like any craft—plumber, surgeon, house-framer—you do it well, people notice. Only in this business, doing it well means beating the government on behalf of accused people, or fighting for unpopular causes, and the people who notice are often very powerful, and don’t like it much. I came to this profession from earlier careers as a social worker, and organizer and I’ve never been interested in any other kind of law but defending the individual against the state.
I am an advocate for many people the government would like to silence or put in jail—Palestinian freedom fighters, Muslim preachers, North American natives living on Indian reservations, marijuana dealers, anti-war protestors, radical squatters, the homeless, “hacktivists”, anti-Zionists and everyone in between. I live my ideology in the job I do, and I try to be aggressive in vindicating the rights of clients. I have challenged the state at every opportunity. I’ll keep doing this in the Lower East Side, in Washington, DC, in the International Criminal Court in the Hague, in Israel and in the West Bank and Gaza. It is my passion.
I have known for almost a decade that some prosecutors in the Justice Department have been looking for a way to curtail my practice, and that law enforcement has been investigating me actively for years. I have every reason to believe that my oppositional politics have drawn the attention resulting in this indictment. Prosecutorial power in our system is an evolving beast, with a long and controversial history right at the heart of what makes our republic special—today it flexes muscles it may not have had a century ago. But I have made a life out of pushing back against this power—it’s our duty—and I intend to do so on my own behalf with the same passion which I’ve shown for my clients. My prosecution and my trial won’t change my politics or silence me.

Art Auction! Tuesday, 6/26 @ Sycamore Bar!

World War 3 Illustrated requests the pleasure of your company at an


(aka Art Auction Fundraiser)

The contributors and editors of the political comix anthology World War 3 Illustrated invite you to take break from the the screen.

Get off the internet and meet us in the streets.

Specifically, the street right outside this bar in Brooklyn that we really like.

We will go inside the bar.

We will bring art with us.

We’ll put it on the wall.

You can bid on the art, and walk home with it, and put it on YOUR wall.

You can be our Pay-pals without the government knowing your credit card number .

We’ll dance the Indie Go-Go.

The money will be used to help us get to the Allied Media Conference in Detroit this year, where we will be leading a workshop on making comix.

Any leftovers will go to keep paying the printer’s bill for the magazine.

1118 Cortelyou Road Brooklyn, NY 11218

Hope to see you there!

"Speakout," by Isabella Bannerman


Some samples of art that will be available for auction, by artists Jordan Worley and Isabella Bannerman:

Live Reading At/For Word Up Books


World War 3 Illustrated is proud and pleased to be participating in a week of fundraising activities leading up to the amazing community bookstore Word Up Books in Washington Heights. You can catch an array of awesome entertainment every day this week, culminating in Friday night’s live reading with Seth Tobocman, Rebecca Migdal, Isabella Bannerman, Hilary Alison, and Sandy Jimenez and Saturday’s birthday party.

Word Up was original started as a “temporary” “pop-up” bookstore to fill in a need in a community that lacked a place for people to get together, get books, and enjoy local artists and authors. We have been excited to participate since the beginning, have received a ton of support from Word Up, and hope that we can continue our relationship with Word Up for many decades into the future.

Two New Posters From WW3I Artists!


The beautiful people and artists at the Justseeds Celebrate People’s History project have two new posters for sale on their site, from WW3I artists Sue Simensky Bietila and Sabrina Jones. Sue’s print comes from her illustrated narrative of the Wisconsin Uprising, which you can find in World War 3 Illustrated #42: Tahrir. Sabrina’s poster celebrates Jane Jacobs, who was also the subject of Sabrina’s comic “Little House in the Big City” which you can buy in World War 3 Illustrated #40: What We Want, or in America’s Best Comics of 2011.

WW3I @ MoCCA-NY This Weekend 4/28-29!

World War 3 Illustrated artists Peter Kuper and Kevin Pyle will be at table I1, and Rebecca Migdal will be at table D3. WW3I artists will also be participating in the following panels on Sunday:


11:15 Graphic Novels for Young Adults
Betsy Bird (NYPL), Raina Telgemeier, Kevin Pyle, MK Reed, Derek Kirk Kim
The New York Public Library’s Betsy Bird talks to some of the brightest talents in one of comics’ fastest growing demographics.

2:15 Memoir
Calvin Reid, Derf, Peter Kuper, Jennifer Hayden, Mike Dawson
Makers of autobio comics discuss filter their lives through sequential art.

“The Emerging Field of Comic Journalism” @ Union Docs, BK – Sat. 4/21

*Image: Josh Neufeld, “A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge.”


Reportage in Balloons: The Emerging Field of Comic Journalism

Saturday, April 21th at 7:30pm. $9 suggested donation.

Comic journalists Josh Neufeld, Seth Tobocman, Matt Bors and NPR host/media analyst Brooke Gladstone in attendance for discussion lead by comic critic and curator Bill Kartalopoulos.

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