Yippee Skippy: Palin’s Fox Stole

Sure makes her look fabulous!

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See, if you MUST wear a fox, make sure it’s alive and can lick you once in awhile! ‘Cause foxes are some of the cutest critters out there. If you must wear fur, make it coyote – ranchers have to keep their population in check anyway or they endanger the domestic livestock, and their fur is just as soft as anything that is “ranched” just for its fur. (and before everyone jumps all over me, I’m not advocating wearing fur – I’m just saying that if you MUST, make it the fur of something that is being hunted for a justifiable reason anyway, and something that is not endangered. Coyotes are incredibly adaptable and – like rats – have found a way to adjust to living in almost any environment and around humans As far as I’m aware, the only justifiable reason to hunt them is in order to protect domestic livestock and pets – then again, your pets should be protected by keeping them indoors unless you live so far away from other human habitations that you know you can let them out to wander without the risk of them being run over to becoming a pest to neighbors …)

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