Doll Hospital – June Shows at Word Up and Tribes


–Upcoming Shows featuring me!–

Friday: June 17th — Word Up Grand Opening: (performances, possible appearance by author Junot Diaz) 6:30p-7p start time (see below for more info).

-Seth Tobocman, Rebecca Migdal, Carlo Quispe, Sandy Jimenez will be reading/performing as well as Andy LatiesĀ and Eric Blitz on music.

Friday, June 24th A Gathering of the Tribes (details to follow) I’ll be performing with avant-punk-jazz-poetry ensemble Doll Hospital featuring Eric Blitz, Andy Laties, Jenny Gonzales Blitz and more.

Saturday: June 25th –Word Up LIVE READING: 12noon – 4pm –with Doll Hospital – Rebecca Migdal, Jenny Gonzalez Blitz, Andy LatiesĀ and Eric Blitz.

Word Up
a community bookshop hosted by Vantage Residential, Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance, and Fractious Press/Seven Stories Institute.

Address: 4157 Broadway (@175th Street) upper Manhattan (easily accessible by the A train, or the number 1 train)

Dates: June 14 to July 14, 2011**closed on July 4th**

Store hours: 4-9pm weekdays; 12-4pm weekends


PS– Some of you might have noticed that I reorganized the order of the posts on Cock Robin and Rosetta Stone. I moved some newer material toward the beginning of the stories where it can help introduce the characters more effectively. I also pulled out the “Confessions of a Horny and Slightly Mad Cartoonist” section. It will be republished at a later date, when chronologically consistent.

xox Rebecca


@Nat- Like the real Kurt Cobain, Nurdt was both a collector of dolls and a doll artist. Cobain was especially attracted to old, broken or damaged dolls. The painting he made for the “Incesticide” cover depicts opium poppies and two unusual dolls. In Zombie Punk Nurdt is shown cradling a similar doll, his own creation, and declaring there was “no way” he would sell it.

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