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Hey Bubbies,

You mighta noticed that the recent posts are heavy on the verbiage. The fact is that I’ve been thinking for a while of proceeding with the Rosetta Stone/Cock Robin story as a hybrid of graphic novel and illustrated text. Especially given the involved nature of both the story and its visualization, it seemed like having a wider arsenal of approaches would provide greater clarity and move the story along faster.

At the same time, I’ve been troubled by some of the artwork and sequences that I did early on that were either rushed or simply, well, crappy. I just don’t like the way the early digitally-drawn CR pages look, and they are confusing too. Same goes  for the dream sequence in Rosetta Stone, which uses sketched pages from her journal. So I am redoing these sequences right now, employing more text and better quality drawing, using the pen and wash and/or brush and watercolor techniques that I’ve decided are the way I want to go with the book from here on in.

Please pardon the regressive nature of these posts, in terms of the plotline- when I’m finished, I’ll settle these babies in their proper place in the sequence, reordering some of the other pages to reflect the way I want to tell the story, and then move ahead. I hope these edits will satisfy any cravings you may have for a deeper, more enlightened understanding of what the heck is going on here.

I know that going back and making changes is not the ideal way to handle a webcomic but hey, I’m only at this a couple of years so far, so this is a learning process for me. The good news is, there will be frequent updates– at least twice a week. And once this edit is out of the way the story ought to read better, and it will proceed apace. Promise!

And… there will be a beautiful print version of this first part (which will hopefully debut at MoCCA) which will enable you to really see the details in the illos. And before long an ebook as well, with music!

Thanks for reading, and for your patience.




Ah, this is fine though- I love background information when it comes to stories, especially many at one time. Everything really has improved!

@Nat- Thanks, is nice when hard work seems to be paying off. Still, I am always feeling like… “if only I could be as good as Moebius at creating a magical, specific space, or as good as Crumb at conveying psychological depth, or as good as Aaron Diaz at visual storytelling, or…” etc. But I guess it’s striving that makes one better artist.

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