Baad baaaad meee… (What on earth have I been up to? Do I even know?)


OK my lovelies, I am still alive and kickin’. I think…

First off, Coming Up:

-Radio interview on Mo Ringey’s art talk hour, with Andy Laties, 8-9 AM Wednesday October 13th
Valley Free Radio 103.3 FM Northampton, MA
-I’ll be selling fair trade costumes  (read, drawing comics at a table piled with shiny things) to benefit ETTA Art Studio in Amherst, every Saturday and Sunday  1-4 PM through the end of October. Classes in mask-making and more, all at the open house/Amherst Biennalle show at ETTA, 534 Main Street Amherst MA, where I also teach. Come by and entertain me.
-October 29, Performing with Satan’s Answering Machine at the Holyoke Canal Creature Crawl.

And around the old homestead:
-Potato leek soup.
-Andy has finished the first draft of his new forward for the Rebel Bookseller re-issue.
-Mice poops diminished, but not eradicated by stuffing steel wool into some cracks (see below).

November preview:

Best Erotic Comics #3 appears on shelves in discriminating bookstores everywhere, and nestled within its covers, 11 full color pages of Ear Fetish!
New York Art Book Fair
New England Webcomic Weekend
(They are at the same time, arrrggghh!)
More mouse poops, excess veggies (see below).

Allan Antliff next to Rebecca Migdal’s Welcome to Kurdistan: Paid for by U.S. Dollars

Allan Antliff next to Rebecca Migdal’s Welcome to Kurdistan: Paid for by U.S. Dollars

EXCUSES section:

Let’s see, here’s the abridged timeline of events since my last blogpost-update:

Late August:
-BF gets book deal at long last. Yay!
-Tragic family event for BF: epic, horrible, disastrous. Don’t ask.
-Went to Seattle for niece’s wedding anyway, along with my son, the famous artist who shall be unnamed here.
-Fabulous family wedding event.
-Worked on Cock Robin.
-Watched marathon of Harry Potter movies.
-Visited with family, did things. Relatively painless to wonderful.


-Watched marathon of Harry Potter movies (cont).
-Visited with family (cont). Vaped a lot.
-Tried to upgrade wordpress and webcomic software, f*ckt up Rosetta site totally and utterly.
-Worked on Nauru piece for World War 3 Illustrated.
-Performed at a gallery in Victoria, BC.
-Got interviewed/photo of art in MONDAY, a local Victoria paper, here. (She makes me talk like a Valley Girl!)
-Spoke on panel at the Victoria Anarchist Book Fair, went to opening at Legacy Gallery of Graphic Radicals, an iteration of our WW3 Retrospective show.
-Flew back to Boston, bolstered shattered BF. Attempts made to repair various frayed relationships after long absence and repeated truamas. Some successes, some abject failures.
-Worked on Nauru comic. Lots and lots of research still needed.
-Started new teaching job, created curriculum on comic book illustration.
-Piles of vegetables accumulated from CSA share. Made lots of soup.
-Editorial meetings: planning WW3 Exit Art show for December, next issue WW3.
-Performed at Rendezvous, Turners Falls open mic- woot!
-Three birthdays (self, BF, son) and a lightning trip to Nantucket.
-Mice pooping all over the kitchen.

October (so far)

Dog peed on carpet. Broke my washing machine. Fixed blog, sort of. Hung show for Open Studios at Paper City. Art shows everywhere! Planning a very quiet revolution via hand pulled printmaking. (The book is NOT dead, dammit!) Performance at Hallmark Gallery in Turners Falls. Still teaching. Still working on Nauru comic, it still needs lots of research. Still editing WW3, scads of veggies piling up, egad! and still trying to get rid of the mice.

Laugh, go ahead. The little things matter. Especially when they are tiny poo bombs.


Maybe you can borrow a kitty from someone? An adorabloodthirsty one. The mouse family will pull off an epic escape to the forest, Disney-style.

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