We’ve decided to use the Instabook machine at Vox Pop to print the first batch of Rebel Bookseller — thereby enacting the book’s demand for a new paradigm in publishing and bookselling. While we’d considered doing this before, we’d decided that since we had enough orders outstanding to justify going with a regular printer, that’s what we’d do. In fact, though, it will be cheaper and more convenient (and more fun) to do it ourselves, on our own machine, as it turns out! (We may still use a conventional printer for later print-runs though, if we end up collecting a lot of orders at the convention in June.)

To see the Instabook machine, visit the www.voxpopnet.net website — there’s a link and picture there.

Also, we continue to receive support from Indie bookstores. Here are several additional stores that have placed advance orders. Altogether we now have more than 90 stores planning to sell Rebel Bookseller:

Kansas Union Bookstore, Seminary Co-op Bookstore, four different McNally Robinson Booksellers locations, Left Bank Books, Arundel Books, By The Lake Books, Bookshop Benecia, Colgate Bookstore.

Thanks to these and all the other bookstores who’ve signed up!



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