My book “Rebel Bookseller” — which we’ll launch at the BEA convention in 8 weeks — will be the only book in print to tell the full tale of the self-destructive complicity of big publishers in the anti-reader evolution of the book industry over the past ten years. However this doesn’t mean the subject isn’t being studied, only that there’s a blackout on telling it. Check out this marvelous 9-year-old paper by Jon Bekken — “Feeding The Dinosaurs”:

Bekken shows clearly how it was strongly against the interests of publishers to assist in the growth of the chains.

As I make clear in my book, and I as I never read in essays or articles of this sort, however, this period in the history of the book industry is destined for reversal. The situation is absolutely not hopeless. The chain-stores have been training their employees to despise them. Chain-store employees will soon rise up and overthrow their bosses. “Rebel Bookseller” hopes to be the match to ignite this explosion.


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