We’re up to 86 bookstores around the country who’ve placed advance orders for Rebel Bookseller. The 12 new additions are:

Gallery Bookshops, Bookworks, Esowon Books, Thunderbird Book Shop, Mendocino Book Co., Bay Books, Pilgrim’s Way, UConn Co-op, Syracuse University Bookstore, Seven Rays Bookstore, A Room Of One’s Own, Women and Children First.

Last night I received the final galleys to mark up. It’s now three years and two months since I started writing this thing. Dozens of old print-outs are stashed in closets, in the garage, and under the bed. As I contemplate my final few days in which to make changes, I’m reminded so strongly of the feeling you get in the days before you open your brand-new bookstore. Such a stunningly difficult thing, to create a bookstore from scratch. And then, when you open the doors, it’s as if the place appeared by magic, from everyone else’s viewpoint.

I honestly had no notion is was so difficult to write a book.


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