I met AK Press and PM Press co-founder Ramsey Kanaan when he stopped by the Vox Pop booth at the 2005 BEA convention and said he’d read the advance review copy of Rebel Bookseller while riding his exercycle. A few weeks later he wrote a fabulous book review on the AK Press Distribution website. So I was excited a few weeks ago to learn that Ramsey is a host on the show Against The Grain, produced by Pacifica Radio affiliate KPFA in Berkeley, and that he wanted to do an hour-long interview with me.

Here it is! Ramsey really goaded me on, adopting a kind of world-weary, pessimistic stance and insisting that the book industry is in a “parlous state”. He positioned me as Mr. Optimist and I think in the interview that I lived up to his concept of me. I love that he gave me the chance to do the “Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong” thing.



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