Opening night at Word Up BookstoreMy editor at Seven Stories Press, Veronica Liu, has opened a one-month bookstore in Washington Heights. Here is some press coverage from the opening last Friday. Surprisingly my jazz work with percussionist Eric Blitz accompanying World War 3 Illustrated artists Rebecca Migdal and Seth Tobocman was more interesting to the reporters than the fact that Veronica’s work on Rebel Bookseller had helped inspire her to launch the store. The New York Times notes that I was playing music on the garden hose, while Manhattan Times comments on “the smooth tune of a saxophone coming from within the store.”


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  1. caro edwards says:

    Was delighted to read the article about you in the Magazine section of the Boston Globe. It gives me hope that “print books” will survive modern technology. Thanks so much for your vision and independent spirit! I wish you every success.

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