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Book Trailer: (2:37)
Amazilla VS Barnes Kong

Featured on The New Yorker and The Paris Review web sites

Promotional Video: (2:04)
Gutter Shell

A Direct and Business-to-Business marketing tool
Bankstreet Bookstore is Moving

A video celebration of children's art and a community bookstore
3D Animation and Design:
Animated shorts, character design and environments by Nere Kapiteni. See 360° model views here
Interior Design:
Bankstreet Bookstore

Window displays, merchandising dsiplay and decoration for retail
Interactive Design: (0:39)
Curiosity Carnival

An online game created for

R.L. Migdal

Graphic illustration, comics and fine art by Rebecca Migdal

Pritned Publications:
MythoPrint Store

Comics, posters and cards featuring original art and writings
Surface Designs:

Original designs for apparel and accessories.
Puppet and Doll Sculpture:
MythoPuppet Store

Extraordinary handmade sculptures from felted wool
Yippee Skippy

Improvisational puppet shows for all ages
Video Blog:

A saucy puppet comedy series and upcoming novel series