Pinocchio Never Pees, Frog Candy, Good Mermaids, Monkey Up His Sleeve-1.25.14

Hooray! We succeeded in posting ALL the puppet plays from this past Saturday on schedule.

And we are going to keep up the good work. This week, we’ll be posting Sunday’s rendition of Alice in Wonderland in honor of Lewis Carroll‘s Birthday, as well as an episode from the archives. Meanwhile, enjoy the puppet show!

Little Wooden Boys never wet their pants in this improvised, fractured version of the classic tale.

The Ninja Monkey messes up in The Little Red Hen and gets it mixed up with Chicken Little. Anyway, he’s playing a magician so he decides to make Frog Candy with the help of Mouse.

The Little Mermaid and her sisters save a pirate from drowning and lure a ship to rescue him from a rock. Are they being good or bad? Actions, intentions and consequences are the theme of this thoroughly reinvented, improvised version of the classic tale from Hans Christian Anderson.

The slow, slow Tortoise and the arrogant Hare are having a race, and the rabbit is sure to win. But the Tortoise has a secret weapon called Ninja Monkey! An improvised take on the classic Aesop’s Fable.

Performed at Bank Street Bookstore by Andy Laties and Rebecca Migdal. Camera by Nere Kapiteni.

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