Rosie Puppetyhead and the Spider, Hansel and Gretel Mini-Golf, Three Santas and more: 12-1-13

Strap on your seat belts for a super-silly episode of Fractured Fables!

The Fox, the Monster and the Spider
Featuring Rosie Puppetyhead

Children helped create a puppet called Rosie Puppetyhead, and then chose the story: The Fox, the Crow and the Cheese, an Aesop’s Fable. Since there was no crow puppet and certainly no cheese puppet, Rosie played the crow and the green spider was the cheese. Things started to get silly when the spider got stuck in Rosie’s mouth, and when the fox tried to help, well… you’ll see what happened. Darn that velcro! Very funny.

The Tiger and the Mouse

The Lion in The Lion and the Mouse is played by the Cheshire Cat, who decides he is actually a tiger. The mouse tickles him all over in this improvised version of Aesop’s Fable.

Hansel and Gretel at the Edible Miniature Golf Course

Hansel and Gretel are left by the side of the road by their mean parents, with only bad Google map directions home. Luckily Hansel printed out his own directions… only the map got wet! When the two children stumble on a miniature golf course made entirely of candy and other foods, they don’t know that an evil witch made the course, and it is infested with rats! A very silly impromptu version of the Grimms classic.

Halloween Witch and the Three Santas

Goldilocks and the Three Bears gets the full Fractured Fables improv treatment in this crazy version where three Santas are paid a visit by the Halloween Witch while they are out buying bagels. The Santas find the witch asleep and naturally decide to play a trick on her. Need I say more?

Performed at Bank Street Bookstore on December 1, 2013 by Andy Laties and Rebecca Migdal.

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